2D Design, Concept & Illustration

2D Art Services Provided: Top-end character & creature design, ready-to-model production sheets.

Background and environmental design concepts.

Level design and fitting concepts, and exceptional quality stylistic illustration are all available.

3D Art Services

3D Characters and Creatures: High-end character & creature production for big-time game titles is our primary expertise.
3D Assets: We specialize in producing extremely detailed, technically perfect 3D assets. Photo-realistic props, vehicles, weapons and key props.
3D Environments: Full 3D stages and environment art works.
PBR: Full PBR texture pipeline and the latest tools and techniques for cloth sim and realistic hair and fur shader development are supported.


Animation Services Provided: Include 2D Keyframe and Spine animation; 3D keyframe animation, model rigging & weighting and other general types of animation production.

Head-scan and Blendshapes: With the growth in the use of off-the-shelf and 3D Scanning services throughout the industry, a need for experienced and professional data processing and ‘gamification’ of 3D scan output data has become evident. We are highly experienced in this process and we deliver great results.

Engine & VFX

Game Engine Asset Integration: Set up of environment assets in-engine with lighting, shader settings, etc. We deliver the whole package to the client ready to go– assets, shaders, lighting and all…
We are highly experienced with working within Unreal Engine and Unity 3D and more.

VFX: We are actively building VFX-focused production teams within two of our studios in order to provide in-game VFX design and production services for our clients.

AR & VR Development

VR Applications: We provide all elements of art content for clients who develop PC and location-based VR experiences. We can help to plan content creation and production for such projects, as well as to provide in-engine integration support. We can also develop the VR games or Apps for any platform,Please inquire with any VR art development needs!

AR Applications: We have taken our role in AR applications even further, having developed our own working AR Applications for the China market. Please inquire with any AR App-related business interest, and we will be happy to discuss!

Mobile Games Development

We have experience in the full development of mobile Game applications such as casual mobile games, puzzle-based mobile games and ‘casino-style’ games.

We can help to design and create art content optimized for mobile gaming platforms, including down-rezzing game content originally designed for other platforms. Please inquire with any mobile game development interest.