NXA Studios is a premier provider of Top Quality digital art design, development and production services. Founded in 2011, NXA Studios operates two bustling art production studios based in China, and maintains a business and marketing office in the USA.

Quality, Creativity, Reliability and Efficiency are the Cornerstones of our business... With major clients in game development worldwide, we are broadly experienced, professional development partners.


Introduction Video: Please take a minute to view this video... It will give you a good idea as to what we are all about.



Development Studio:  NXA has modern and fully-furnished studios located in two of China's most populated and exciting areas - one in the bustling capital city of Beijing, and a second located in the business-friendly and more southerly coastal city of Ningbo just south of China's greatest International City, the city of Shanghai!

Business Office: USA Phoenix 


            Ningbo Office  

            Beijing Office